Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol

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Went to see this movie and it was almost one of the best MI movies out of the 4! Worth seeing in a theater! Thought I would let anyone know if they wanted to see it! The effects were great!


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    There is already a thread on this film that can be viewed here, where I wrote a (rather in-depth) review of my thoughts on the latest Mission: Impossible movie, which I'll re-post below:
    [quote]I've literally been saying M:I3 was great since May 5, 2006. The day it came out. The day I saw it. The source I use and cite most often as inspiration for starting in media-res.
    Also, M:I4 is an awesome awesome awesome movie. Easily top of the year material. I liked Mission Impossible 3 more for being more grounded and gritty and JJ Abrams-high-contrast-lens flare-y, but Ghost Protocol is great in a whole different manner.
    It's decidedly less serious, and plays more to humor similar to the teetering tones of action and levity The Incredibles held. But it works not in the same way 'I'm going into this wanting more of M:I3 and Tom Cruise/Phillip Seymour Hoffman faceoff-style' would be, but it's a completely worthy next installment in the franchise and equally-strong standalone film itself.
    Ghost Protocol plays to lofty expectations and impossible extremes, but it does so with finesse and a seamed self-awareness of its own preposterousness. It isn't without it's moments of gravity, but the movie never tries too hard to hammer it in, either- and I think most will appreciate this. It's an expertly cast, implausibly cool, masterfully-assembled film. Hugely recommended.
    And, duh, this pretty much cements Brad Bird's ability as a live-action director and go-to guy for commanding tentpole features with artistic wit and grace.[/quote]
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    I'd say "Use the search function!" but there are only six pages in the General forum, and the thread for this movie is on the first one. :huh:
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    Just saw this and it was great, but not as great as I expected/hoped. I'm gonna sound really hypocritical for saying this since I'm a big fan of the Transformers series, but MI 4 just wasn't deep enough. It was more brainless than I thought it would be. Had I known beforehand I would've enjoyed it a lot more, but none of the reviews I saw mentioned that it had a thin, basic plot and that the action was the biggest thing about it.
    Since a large percentage of me liking a movie comes from expectation, I just wish I knew not to expect too much of the story. My biggest problem was the villain. MI:3 had a great developed villain, while MI:4's villain was just "that guy that was doing that thing that Ethan had to stop."
    Other than that, everything was spot on. Great action, great dialogue between the characters, great action, great pacing, and more importantly great action! Kinda wish I saw it in iMax now that I know the action was the biggest star.

    I didn't like that Ethan's wife didn't end up dying at the end. The news of her death, how it happened, and how it connected to Brent was the most emotionally engaging thing in the story. When we find out she never died it just took the story down a notch for me.
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