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Hi All,
Hope you all had a great xmas.
I hope this is an easy one and im being an idiot.
When i import HD files in .avi format, under the project media pane my media shows an ! on a film roll icon and is unusable.
I am running the 64 bit ultimate version of the demo software.
I am shooting with a Sony FX1000e, example files are 1920 x 1020 29FPS and are H.264 edited in premiere pro CS4 and output to AVI by Adobe Media Encoder
Any ideas?


  • pscamm
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    It's probibly the 'Codec' you are using when you output from Premiere Pro which is not compatable with Hitfilm.
    When you choose the AVI container in Premiere open up the Codec options dropdown list and try a different one from the default (default one will be highlighted), you may have to do a multiple test clips though so you can identify which codec's work fine with Hitfilm but also which ones give you the best quality output.