multiple errors with new installation of hitfilm standard

I have just bought HitFilm standard for my son. I downloaded the demo version for him to let him try and then bought full version. I installed this from the disc and my son created an account and entered the code to activate it. There are several problems so I uninstalled and reinstalled from disc (2-3times), including installing quicktime 7 when asked to do so. There are several problems:
1. My son cannot make videos longer than 30 seconds, so I assume that we are on demo mode. This has been the problem every time we have installed the software.
2. The software does not seem to be able to find quicktime. It gives the following error messages.
'The procedure entry point QTCF_CFHTTPMessageSetHeaderFieldValue could not be located in the dynamic link library QTCF.dll'
'There was a problem starting the quicktime helper process. error code 42. ....'
I have checked my sons hitfilm account and it indicates that hitfilm is activated.
The computer is a 3 year old Dell optiplex 755 with a 32 bit operating system. Recently I completely rebuilt this with Windows 7 upgrade about a month ago, and have downloaded the most up to date drivers for all components, including the ATI Radeon 2400 Pro video card. There is 4 GBytes of RAM and the processor is Intel Core22Duo E8400 @3GHz.
Can someone please help. Its fair to say that this lack of functionality for hitfilm is frustrating for both myself and my son. While I can solve his general computer problems, getting software to work is beyond my skills.
Please note we have already tried uninstalling/installing hifilm and quicktime several times so do not believe that the problem is am incomplete/corrupt download.
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    Not sure about the Quicktime problem but the length of time you're limited to (30 secs) might be remedied by two ways- when you create a composite shot a properties window opens and you can customize the Name, Template and Duration. You can change the length of a composite shot in the duration box. If you already have a composite shot of 30 secs on the timeline, you can open the properties window located just above the timeline display on the right side next to the Export button. It opens the same properties window and you can change the duration there. Hope that helps.
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    yes this did work thank you for your help