Wrath of the Titans Trailer

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While most (of the online community) didn't, I for one really liked the first one. I thought the pacing was great, the overall feel and tone was great, and of course Sam Worthington is always great. I also thought it had the right amount of badassery and epicness to make me have a good time. So I'm looking forward to this one too:

Some parts kinda reminds me of the 'Immortals' trailer, though this looks much better. Biggest thing I'm not liking is Sam Worthington's haircut; I preferred his totally out of place buzz cut he had in the first one :) Hope this is good.


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    I guess Hollywood ran out of epic orchestral scores to use in every trailer, so now we get hard rock renditions of 70s & 80s rock songs. John Carter had the same thing going on. At least it isn't called "Rise of the Titans", although I guarantee they considered that name as an option. ;)
    I didn't care for the first one, but I'll probably see this eventually just as a brainless eye candy distraction. Looks to be all it's good for.
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    The thing I liked best about Clash of The Titans was that like Transformers initially did with the 'BRRRRMMMM' sound in its teaser (which I think Tarn mentioned in another thread), it was fresh the way it embraced non-traditional, sort of chaotic rock music to back it.
    Sure, both the 'BRRRRRRMMMM' and rock music cover routes have become played-out in routine trailer editing the past few years- but credit where credit is due, Clash of The Titans helped kick off the trend. It's only fitting Wrath continues it consistently.
    Plus, it's a great cover for the tone and energy. Really enthralling trailer, too. Makes me want to see it, a movie I otherwise had no inclination to check out at all.
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    Anybody seen it yet?
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    I have. I thought it was very good. Most people online said it was ok but as a filmmaker i really appreciated the little details that they put into it that most movies like that do not.
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