Does anyone remember the English show Knightmare?

madmikemadmike Website User Posts: 135
I don't know why but I thought of this show this morning. Wondering how it was done and how at the time I thought it was amazing even though most of the contestants could barely make it past the first brickwall guardain. I had such a fondness for this show at the time.
For those that don't know Knightmare was a Childrens TV show where 3 contestants helped a 4th navigate a computer generated dungeon.


  • ThelurkerishThelurkerish Website User Posts: 141
    Ah I vaguely remember that, back in the days when ITV was able to produce a few hours of quite good tv shows for kids everyday, now they have a dedicated channel for kids shows and seem to produce not much at all

    I suppose now kids just play skyrim though so prehaps its harder for childrens televison to compete with computer games and DVDs, there is a show called trapped on CBBC which is I suppose the successor
    it is intresting watching the clips on youtube though
  • NuttyBananaNuttyBanana Website User Posts: 151
    I used to love that show. Whenever they hit a moment where the timer appeared with the face melting away was scary as hell lol. Imagine what they could do these days, it couldn't be that expensive surely.
  • madmikemadmike Website User Posts: 135
    I loved it as a kid. I heard theres no interest in bringing it back now, there was a new pilot a few years back but they took out all that made the show what it was in the first place.
  • SketchWorkSketchWork Website User Posts: 127
    hehe - I used to love that show: . Happy memories :)
  • SimonKJonesSimonKJones Moderator Website User, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 4,450 Enthusiast
    A great show which I think was actually produced here in Norwich. It must have been a hellish technical challenge back in the 80s and it's surprising that they even attempted it.
    I've always been surprised that they haven't done a modern version given technology these days, but I think Lurkerish has probably hit it on the head: this kind of show doesn't make much sense when you can immerse yourself in Skyrim/WoW/etc.
  • HybridHaloHybridHalo Website User Posts: 56 Enthusiast
    The opening animation and theme tunes (for there were three) are all on my phone as seperate ringtones. Knightmare was awesome!
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    It was indeed filmed by Anglia TV in Norwich, and my friend Joe was the player in the opening titles for some of the later series. I was always very jealous, even though the helmet meant you could only see his chin.
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