Goliath concept trailer

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Wow,Very impressive.
Lots of "borrowed" footage and just about every effect videocopilot puts out(j/k I dont know what he used), but impressive nonetheless.
I would definitly go see this movie.

I would love to see a "making of" clip or just know how many hours all that editing actully took.

oh and the obligatory
"needs more lens flare" :D


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    The quality of the shots is very variable, but overall I really like the vision and scope of this, and there are some wonderful shots scattered throughout. The post on this must have been a real long slog. :)
    The concepts he's playing with are far more interesting than any of the alien invasion movies from the last few years - though it seems like a story that would be better served in a mini-series rather than a single movie.
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    Now, is this an actual movie that's "coming to theaters" ? Or is it a film someone has created on their own?
    Sorry, just curious :)
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    Here is what he posted on Youtube
    "This is a concept trailer for a proposed feature film called "GOLIATH"
    Directed by Alex Popov
    Produced by Jim Wedaa
    Represented by the Gersh agency's Abram Nalibotsky and Sean Barclay
    Concept trailer for the Sci-Fi Action "Goliath" shot in 3 days in Alaska and 3 days in San Diego. Total budget: $150 This project was a one man effort, meaning i had to do it all: concept, props, DP, camera op, directing, editing, post VFX, sound design and so on.
    However i used a few seconds of b-roll to put VFX on top of it and there is one 1 sec. shot at the end is taken from "the day after tomorrow" guess which one.....
    an amazing soundtracks from Inception, Sunshine and 28 days later helped me to bring my idea to life."
    I think I have to call BS on the $150 though... :huh:
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    I think I have to call BS on the $150 though... :huh:
    He said he only spent $150 on the project, which doesn't include the expenses that he had spent previously on stuff that he used. A lot of the stuff in that trailer could have been recycled parts from a number of things. So I'm sure he could have gotten away with only spending $150 if he had most of the expensive stuff he used, meaning camera equipment and software.
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    It's always a little silly when people brag about how cheap their movie cost to make, as it doesn't really relate to anything. There's no point comparing it to the cost of a professional movie, because those budgets include people's wages - and presumably this guy was working on it in his spare time.
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