Motion 5 vs HitFilm?

So, I have basically no budget, and I'm very tempted to use Apple Motion as a compositor, since it's a huge steal at only $50. Even so, I find Hitfilm's capabilities very impressive, and would be glad to use it on my friend's PC. What do I get for the price of each, and which is worth it in the end? I'm not an indy director, i just make movies for fun. I have used after effects before and I am interested in something with similar power. Ultimate would be preferable since I can get a discount on it. Help would greatly be appreciated. ;)


  • Redhawksrymmer
    Redhawksrymmer Website User Posts: 8
    Worth considering is that HitFilm also includes an non-linear editing part as well, which would make roundtripping for motion graphics and VFX a lot easier. I've used both Motion and After Effects quite a lot, and while those are very powerful tools, I find it much more fun and intuitive to use HitFilm - effects like 3D optics, lasers, sparks and particle systems are much more comprehensible in HitFilm than in the other mentioned software packages - as well as being much closer and easier to add in. Keep in mind HitFilm also has a very advanced grading toolkit as well, something more or less missing from Motion.
    I'd say give the demo a shot and I think you'll definitely like it!
  • Nate (WhiteRiceStudios)
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    Thanks for giving me something to consider, I'll give it a go when I can. I didn't plan to use editing much, but I don't see why it might not work for me in some cases :)) When I think about it, it may help me go beyond customizing what is possible to do in iMovie and allow me to create my own personal style in videos. Besides that, the 3d optics and easy compositing also seem pretty tempting. And with the ability to do 3D tracking, I could experiment with more advanced effects. For the sake of intuition and learning, I might sacrifice some extra $$ for HitFilm if the demo plays nicely. :)