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Hey, so I'm working on a short film and I plan on using a Rode VideoMic Pro and Rode Micro Boom Pole. I have an access to a Edirol R-09HR. I was wondering what the best setup for these things are? Will I need to get an extension to connect the mic's tiny cable to the recorder, or would it be better to somehow mount the recorder on the pole near the mic? Thanks a lot for your help.


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    If you need free movement the Erdirol is attached to the man who holds the boom, running on batteries. I use Erdirol for sound recordings the batteries can run aproxx 1 hour !
    Make several sound tests before the real takes, and listen to them carefully to adjust it. And use a clap tree everytime to make a sync point.
    This is my sound gear. I can only recomend Erdirol/Roland its really good sound equipment combined with røde mics for the occasion.
    [img] 15.jpg[/img]
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    That's exactly the same location recording setup we use too Fox. (Edirol Pro4 and Rode mics)
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