things i would like to see improved in future versions

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Hi folks,
I did not know where to post this, so i hope this is the correct area, if not, moderator please feel free to move this anywhere you see fit.
First i want to say i love the concept of having a compositor and editor in the same place with the particle effect built in and having the 3d capabilities, I think i will get this software just because of that. I have the adobe production premium and find it a pain going back and forth between prenmier and aftereffects, even with the dynamic link.
Anyhow, I'll keep adding things here as i find them but right off the bat the first thing that called my attention was the lack of self-shadowing on the particles, without them the particles effects look flat and comped, even on that Prism short movie you can tell there is something off. For the trained eye this is obvious but for the average audience they might be able to tell something is off but not know what. Even the missile trail on the intro web page would look so much better if it had some kind of self shadow on it. Also, it would be nice if you supported Matchmover for 3d tracking.
thank you for listening,


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    Thanks for your feedback, its much appreciated.
    I'm not 100% sure what you mean when you refer to self-shadowing on the particles, but you can turn on shadowing so that each of the particles within a particle effect will cast shadows on the other particles, as well as anything else in the scene that is set up to receive shadows. Are you referring to something else, or is that what you are after?
    As far as Matchmover, it should be supported already. If you export from Matchmover to the .ma format, then you can import that directly into HitFilm.
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    @Axel, I think he's referring to (for instance) a ball particle having shading on the individual particle, rather than it just being flat. However maybe Hitfilm does this, I wouldn't know, my computer can't handle it :(
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    self shadow, meaning at the point of the particle facing away from the light, there is shadow (on itself). a smoke trail should have a darker side where the light isn't on it. etc. thats my interpretation at least
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    Hi guys,
    what Drehg said is exactly what i mean, specially on the smoke and cloud particles, having self shadows gives them more volume, right now from what i see, the shading is uniform from top to bottom and do not respect the lighting information. So they kinda look like self illuminated.
    thanks, i'll test the shadow option and see what i get but i dont think is the same thing im talking about, and i'll also try to make a little test and see if i can import the 3d info from matchmover.
    PS: after taking a closer look at the missile trail on the main page it looks like it might have self shadowing just not as pronounce as i would have liked, but if you are allowed to tweak that parameter to your own taste that would work for me. :) I'll do some testing tonight.