RJD2 Promo Video-My Latest Project

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This is possibly my third post here. So this would also be a good place for a short introduction. Plenty of you know me already as I used to frequent the FXhome boards. I've been completely inactive in any sort of film/video production for nearly two and a half years because life happens and things take unexpected turns. Needless to say, I moved to Portland, Oregon this fall and I've been nothing but productive on various film and video projects since then. This video being one of them.
A little about the video. RJD2 is a renowned electronic music producer that's heavily influenced by hip-hop, jazz, and rock. Through the help of a friend, I acquired 15 gigs worth of B-roll from one of RJD2's concerts. The footage just never saw the light of day. I made this simply for fun and to practice editing again since this is first one I've made since the free running video.
Hope you dig it!
DISCLAIMER: There is language used at the beginning of the video that you wouldn't want your boss or 5 year-old child to hear.

I hope to also post more prominently around here. :D


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    That's nice work FreshMentos. I'm a fan of RJD2 and you really captured the spirit and flow of track in your edit. 15GB of b-roll must have made for a hell of a logging session!
    In a previous life, before joining FXhome, I used to edit an awful lot of EPKs for bands (some I liked and some I didn't), so I know what it's like when a band's manager gives you a shed load of tapes that the band just grabbed on the tour bus, plus some fan's concert footage and they expect you to pull a rabbit out of the hat, but you had some nice footage there.
    What did you use to edit on, and is there some multi-cam editing in there, or was it all an assembly job? I'd be interested to hear what your workflow was.
    Anyway - good to have you here over at HitFilm.com
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    Thanks Tom! I used Adobe Premiere to edit. It was actually my first time using that particular NLE and I don't see myself going back to Final Cut anytime soon. My friend captured all the footage himself throughout the hour and half that RJD2 performed. I did my best to make the cuts seem as though it was shot on multiple cameras.
    The footage was shot last spring. Originally the B-roll was going to be used with an interview that was scheduled to happen after the show. Unfortunately some drunk idiot threw a wine bottle on the stage, resulting in a cancellation of the interview and remainder of the concert. When I found out that my friend had loads of footage featuring one of my favorite musicians sitting on his hard drive for the past six months, I couldn't pass it up.
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    Cool stuff man. I definitely dig some RJD2 now and then. Looks like it was a fun project to put together. We'll definitely have to collaborate on something once I move back to Portland.
    Ps. Your avatar kicks ass.
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    We'll definitely have to collaborate on something once I move back to Portland.
    About that... Get your ass back up here!
    Flying Lotus kicks ass
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