Short film - How to tell I love her

NuwandaNuwanda Website User Posts: 174
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Hi there, just finished my 1st short using Hitfilm.

Note: No lightsabers, guns & explosions inside.
Every comment is appreciated ...


  • ThelurkerishThelurkerish Website User Posts: 141
    I really enjoyed it. I think the combination of visuals and music really caught that moment in a relationship where you want to take it to another level but worry about the consequances of possibly loseing a friend
    I think the choice of music was perfect and it was just the right length
    while im always uneasy critiquing things given, the sum total of my film making has been making plastic models blow each other up, I wonder the final film could be graded a bit diffently to make it slightly more atmospheric. Maybe even a slight vigenette
  • mercianfilmmercianfilm Website User Posts: 161
    Powerful stuff Nuwanda! I liked the idea of the words floating about outside his head and them coming out the rhyming dictionary. I also loved some of the final shots- After all the frustration and concentration to find the right thing to say it's always easier just to say those 3 words. They're powerful enough.
    I liked this a lot , great work!:D
  • RobinRobin Website User, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 1,671 Enthusiast
    No lightsabers, guns or explosions??? Nooooooo...
    Just kidding. Stunning work you did here, really loved it! :)
  • paradad2303paradad2303 Website User Posts: 73
    awww, thats so sweet! :wub: i loved it! i like the way the text comes out of the dictionary, then fades onto the diary.
  • NuwandaNuwanda Website User Posts: 174
    Hey - thank's for your kind replies B-)
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