Newsroom virtual set

Hi, i've just started using hitfilm and am trying to include my virtual newsroom sets that i have from Tubetape. I have managed to include the set and the 'newsreaders' behind the desk, however i cannot seem to put pictures of videos in the 'news screens' on either side of the news readers, was hoping to put a picture in one of the blacked out screens.
Any help would be great!
Also when i export my created clip, the actors look pixilated and the picture not very clear. Any reason for this?
Many Thanks


  • SimonKJones
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    Can you show us a still from the newsroom set you're using? I'm not familiar with the Tubetape pack, so it'd be easier to give you help if we can see the set.
    What export settings are you using? You certainly shouldn't be seeing any quality drop on export.
  • Grumple
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    Reviving an old topic. I too have purchased the newsroom set above and soon will be trying to figure it out. Any pointers on embedding the video on a virtual set? It is a virtual reality set and has the screens behind and to the left and right of the news person. Is there a tutorial on this somewhere?
    p.s. I decided to ask in the HitFilm section so disregard or delete.