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Hey guys! I recently filmed a live show, but our mic was too close to the speakers and at some parts the audio is so loud it's distorting a lot. Is there any way I could fix that/make it better in post?
I use Sony Vegas Pro 10 and I know it has a lot of sound tools, but I'm not a sound person so I don't know the first thing that most of these tools do. What am I looking for? And how would I fix the distortion? Thanks!


  • AxelWilkinsonAxelWilkinson Staff Administrator, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 5,244 Staff
    Its impossible to fix that without re-recording. Same principle as if your video is overexposed until it blows out to pure white, the information can't be retrieved, because there is no detail there to work with.
    If the original audio signal is clipped because it was too loud, the only way to eliminate the distortion is to re-record the audio at a proper level.
  • RodyPolisRodyPolis Website User Posts: 613
    Anyway to at least make a little better? Like you can kinda fix some overexposed video by decreasing the 'Lightness', is there such a tool for audio?
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    You could reduce the volume at those peak points, but as Axel was saying it's 'clipped', so while you might normalize the volume levels, that won't gain back anything in terms of making it clearer, etc.
    Did you record audio from more than one source? i.e. did you get audio off the mics, but still get audio off the camera mic?
    If you want to play with some audio filter/tool plugins, try NewBlueFX. All their stuff can be trialed for 30 days. if you can massage the sound close to what you want, you can buy the tools. I haven't played too much with their audio stuff, just some of the video plugins.
    You might try tools that fix 'S' (sibilant) sounds, pops, and de-hollow (odd word, I know) the audio.
    Hope that helps,
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    The problem with the distortion in your case is that the sound your looking for.... e.g dialogue or music, isn't there. Its been recorded as maybe just crackles or booms, depending on the distortion.
    What you can possibly do is ... you can always sort out the levels via automation. Simple tweaks with the levels might make it a bit clearer. Emm through EQ you can take away the bass frequency's and make the higher frequency's clearer. A noise removal filter might also just clean away the little bits of distortion.
    But eh.... from experience , It's not really going to make a huge difference. I hope this helps.
  • AxelWilkinsonAxelWilkinson Staff Administrator, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 5,244 Staff
    Yeah, you could reduce the levels and tweak the EQ for those bits, as has been suggested, and depending on the amount of distortion, you might get something that will work for you. Results will vary.
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    You can try compressing, setting it up as a limiter. If you have a spectral view try pulling it into that then looking for the offendind Hz, and yes use an EQ to cut those. You can also try a clipping reduction and or clip restoration plugin. Its really hard to tell what, where, and how without hearing it or more info.

    I am willing to give it a listen and see if there is something I can do. I can work with all major audio formats up to 32bit-192 KHz. If you are interested PM me.

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    I've never personally used anything like this, but I think you want to look for a "declipper". Vegas does not have one. (I don't know if SoundForge does.)
    There are some amazing audio repair products out there that seem like dark, voodoo magic. Very sophisticated signal processing. Amazing results in removing unwanted beeps and sounds, repairing "gaps" in a recording, reconstructing clipped signals back to waves, etc.
    Many of them are expensive, but maybe you'll find a freebie or inexpensive one somewhere.
    While I'm guessing you don't want to spend this kind of money, take a look at the iZotope RX and watch some of the demos. Really impressive:
    Another declipper:
  • SketchWorkSketchWork Website User Posts: 127
    Hey Rody,
    I use Adobe Audition for my audio and they have a filter called clip restoration which does a very good "magic" job at fixing clipped audio.
  • GrisbyGrisby Website User Posts: 299 Just Starting Out
    Sadly i dont think, you can await some Magic, not even by Adobe Audition... but would be interesting to hear the Result...
    I would additionally to the Tips you got till now try, to reduce the Clipping with a Noise Print... but in the End, you will always have a dark, rotten Sound, sorry. :-(
    Greetings from Munich,
  • RodyPolisRodyPolis Website User Posts: 613
    Hey thanks for all the reply! I looked in the Vegas audio tools and they did have a Restoration tool. I tried it and it helped, although not much where it was really bad. It definitely made it better though. I'll just have to keep audio in mind next time I do something like that.
  • DanilothDaniloth Website User, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 52 Enthusiast
    Hi Rody,
    My suggestion for something that's not easy to get the audio again is to have backups, like you would with video. For the amateur wedding shoots I've done, I had on-camera audio, but also had the groom wired up with a lav mic being recorded onto my laptop, and if I'd had a pocket recorder, I would have used it to.
    In my case, I accidentally switched off the camera for about 45s, but with the professional photographers pics, and audio from the lav mic, I just had a short photo montage, with nobody the wiser.
    BTW, been enjoying looking at your effects pack, and looking forward to making use of it.
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    You can try editing the audio via a Limiter, compressor, and a little EQ. You might be able to equalize the frequencies to minimize distortion. It all depends on how "bad" the original audio is.
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