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Hi there! :-)
I did a Teaser the last Days in a Hurry and worked with both, AE (because of the Shatter-Effect) and Hitfilm... a short 4 Second Part was made with AE, the Rest with HITFILM and a Cut-Program of my Choice... guess, WHAT Part did not work very well? ;-)
The AE-Part got Noises in it, i made something wrong i guess... but the good Part is... meanwhile i like to composite with Hitfilm more than with AE. One Point is the Particle-Thing, i can use.
Here is the Teaser, look at the Cementary-Scene, made with Hitfilm... the different Parts of the Picture i used were made with Photoshop, but you could use GIMP as well i guess...
Greetings from Germany,
Chris :-)
PS: This is the Teaser:


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    Oh, by the Way, all Greenscreen-Stuff (with the Pole-Dancers, even in the Bible-Scene, were the Floor is cut into and blurred) was made with Hitfilm too! ;-)
    Like the Fog, the Color-Correction... u know, what i mean. ;-)
  • that was cool! i like the way you had all the rock fall away revealing 2014! i tried that once, but my version sucked. :)
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    That was the only AE-Part, made with the Shatter-Effect, you can find a very good Tutorial from Andrew Cramer - we'll see, if it's also possible in HITFILM 1.1... if not, i guess it will in another later Version. ;-)
    Strange Thing, that there is Noise in this Part the first Seconds... hate that Mistakes, you dont see coming... after looking at that final Version a few Dozen Times i find more and more "Mistakes", i wanna fix... ;-)
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    Has no one else something to say? ;-)
  • Well I always have constructive criticism but when you use the Bible and Jesus Christ's cross with pole dancers who act like prostitutes there is no constructive criticism. I'm sorry for my rudeness but you can come up with better ideas then that. I hope you progress in what you enjoy doing but please don't put that stuff in there. I guess that is constructive criticism and it is not meant to hurt you but to help. In the long run do videos like that effect anyone in the positive direction? I understand it was a test but you can do better. Otherwise the video was pretty good. Hope you don't take this too hard it was meant to help. Have a great day.
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    The Conflict between the Religion and the "real" Life will be one of the most important Themes in this Movie... so i like, how and THAT you reacted - cause i see, i found a wounded Point (as we say in Germany)... ;-)
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    I don't really understand an objection to strippers in a video with a cross and a bible. If anyone has ever read the bible then they know that Jesus' whole ministry was to those "kind" of people. But that's a religious debate and those aren't allowed here so I'll stop.
    Grisby, neat video. I didn't really notice that the bible scene was green screen, so that's good.
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    My main issue is the lack of context here. The cross, the bible and the dancers all seem quite unrelated, so I come away not really knowing what this is about, or how it all comes together. I imagine part of Viktorious' objection is due to that lack of context: if there's a deliberate point to juxtaposing the religious content with the dancers in the full movie then he might react differently, but currently it just feels a bit provocative, but in a vague, undirected manner.
  • You're right Simon. Not only do I feel apposed to women dancing provocatively because it destroys men's mind and relationships (whether present or in the future) but also nothing really made sense. I am a christian so it did offend but that we can't discuss here.
    From the film making side of things I just felt that Grisby wanted to put women in it so he did and mixed it with the Bible. Maybe if you had some more explanation between the two subjects it would make sense. I didn't watch the whole thing but from what I saw I didn't know that was done with a greensceen either.
    Sorry if I offended you but it's what I believe strongly. Have a great week and happy filmmaking
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    Well, thats, what a lot of Viewers asked, and the Answer is on the Web Page - but just in German, cause i dont think, we will find Investors outside of Germany, Austria and Swiss...
    Its in the Context, cause the Monk (what the Role will be later) has to help a few Go-Go-Girls to rescue their Sister... while that, and because of the Post-Apocalypse-Scene, he is thrown into, he is also struggling with his Religion... as simple as that. ;-)
    From the forthcoming Trailer, the Monk says (i try to translate it): "There was a big "END"-Sign after the last Page of the Bible... after the Apocalypse. And we are BEHIND that Sign now... Aren't we just the clotty Tail in a Test Tube of God's Laboratory? What should I believe in, if not just in Surviving?"
    Guess, WHO will show him the right Way? ;-)
    Just to give you a little more Light in this Teaser... :-)
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    And by the Way, dont forget... it's GRINDHOUSE, EXPLOITATION... of course i have to deal with simple Stuff too...

  • I feel apposed to women dancing provocatively because it destroys men's mind and relationships (whether present or in the future)
    *Looks around to double check which century it is*
    A less chauvinistic way to phrase that would have been to suggest that a small minority of men (and women) may be susceptible to sexual temptation when others are openly sensuous or sexual, which within the context of a monogamous relationship is potentially inappropriate, but is entirely their own fault and not the fault of the dancer.
    Otherwise your comment seems somewhat misogynistic, which I'm sure was not intended.