Short Movember promotion

As you may be aware Movember is about and I thought I would promote it with a quick Hitfilm edited video, was cobbled together in less than a day, let me know what you think :)


  • DanielGWood
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    edited November 2011
    Hahaha, nice work.
    You should do a whole series of tekken style moustache-offs - handlebar vs. magnum, trucker vs. regent etc.
    Edit: How is your Mo campaign going anyway, got a link?
  • haha, I can imagine it now! would have used my movember tache in the final project but it wasn't 'manly' enough to shoot lasers!
    Not bad at all thanks! I set out to make £30 or so and just over halfway through I've topped it by a fair amount! :)
  • RodyPolis
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    Cool video. Liked the vfx and live action blending.
  • Thanks man, I'm still learning the software piece by piece :)
  • SimonKJones
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    Hehehe, nice work. Looking at your mobro page, I'm glad to see that you're pulling remarkably similar expressions in all those photos to myself in my photos ( I think that expression is the default "look at my silly tash!" face.
    Movember was a very last minute thing for us this year, but next year I might have to put some kind of Mo-related video together as well. :)
  • Haha nice one!, I believe it is mandatory when something as manly as a tash is involve! :D I'm liking the style you went for there, very refined :) I was literally at a loss when it came to choosing a shape, so many ridiculous suggestions and I feel as though I went for a more sensible choice haha!
    That would be great! when I saw all the Movemeber related videos I didn't see an awful lot incorporating VFX, I'm sure I could have refined it a lot more and made it look more professional but run out of time to be honest. Still a newbie with the software, but cannot wait for the 1.1 update, looking forward to 2D tracking the most, I seem to be having some trouble importing simple tracking data from Pfhoe (surly user error ;) )