For my HSC Drama short film which I am shooting tests for, one central motif is reflection. I firstly need to somehow obtain a easy to put up mirror as the bathroom we are filming in doesn't have one. Secondly, I am not sure if VFX is the only way but my character needs to punch it and make it look cracked. And in the last scene he keeps smashing the mirror with his fist. Any ideas?
Thanks in advance


  • Snitt one:
    - his fist goes toward the mirror, it is quite wide shot.
    Snitt two:
    - then jump camera aspect, make glass breaking sound, and before this snitt you broke the mirror, and put his hand to the surface of the broken mirror.
    This is just a non vfx oldschool solution, for one hit. It is similar to big jumps, you record that in 3 schnitt:
    1. Jumping
    2. Flying
    3. Arriving to feets.
    In vfx I think you definitely need a mirror and maybe greenscreen, and experimenting a lot.
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    Thanks for the tip buddy! Guess I'll exclude actually showing it break and focus on the impact it has on my character's hand and have medium shots showing the mirror reflecting my character. Filming mirrors is not a problem but having them broken is a different story.
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    There are certainly ways to do this - you could get some stock footage of smashed glass and gradually composite it on with the punches. Add on some displacement on the cracks as well, perhaps.
    It would require lots of masking and potentially tracking if it was a moving shot, so wouldn't be easy, but it is possible. You could also get around the masking by shooting a green screen instead of a real mirror, though you would then need to make sure you've shot the 'reverse' angle as well (ideally at the same time using a 2nd camera.
    Lots of ways to do it, in other words, so it depends how much time/effort/skill you have for this particular project. :) The old school method Estevez suggests would work really well, though, so might well be the best route - especially if on the reverse you add some make-up to give the guy bloodied and cut knuckles.
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    Thanks for the tips guys! Should I do vfx for the shattered glass? If so what effect? I can't afford mirrors to break :P