Help with animating a layer.

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Hey all,
I'm having to re-learn some things that were very easy to do in my NLE that I have been using. For example: I have a background plate of a road and a jpeg of a car on green. I can key the green out fine, but I need the layer of the car to enter into the frame and strike an object. Since this isn't video and just a still, I need to animate the layer to come from offscreen to a set point on screen.
In my NLE there was a "movement effect" that I could reposition the car pic and animate it using keyframes to get it where it needed to go. The solution in Hitfilm is eluding me, though. Essentially, I'm animating a still pic(car) through another still pic(background). Thoughts?


  • AxelWilkinson
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    All animation in HitFilm takes place in Composite Shots, so first make sure you are working in a Composite Shot, and not in the editor. Then, the Transform controls for the layer can be found in the Controls panel. Activate Keyframing for whichever parameters you need to animate, then go to it.