I have to say im getting on great now with hit film but who ever thought of putting those prong things with the masking tool wants sacking ,masking is major hard now, they are real set back, and make it so awkward that i mostly give up trying


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    Prong things? I'd be curious to know what you are referring to, as I don't totally understand. Masking is certainly several steps advanced from the old days of the Lab products, so its a bit different, but only in ways that make the tool more powerful. Perhaps its a matter of just not being familiar with the new improved tools; have you watched the masking tutorial?
    If there is something wrong with the tool though, we certainly want to look into it so it can be improved.
  • Is this referring to the points that are attached to the mask points... that let you round out the angle?
    If so, I too get them appearing when I only want to select the masking point to animate. But often I will end up with a new point that is for changing the angle. Then you have to move it aside (and it's friend) before you can get to the location point.
    Unfortunately pressing undo doesn't remove this points either. Once you've got them, you've got them.

  • Unfortunately pressing undo doesn't remove this points either. Once you've got them, you've got them.
    It makes masking very difficult to me. :dry: But I do realize that this masker is much faster and more powerful then the one in vlab.
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    Ah, we are talking about the Bezier handles.
    Fredclips - You can right-click on any point to delete it. You can also right-click and choose "Make Linear" if you want to remove the bezier handles.
    Kahveh - do you have the problem while drawing the mask, or is it after the mask is closed, and you are trying to animate it, that the problem arises? When you are positioned over a control point, it will enlarge a bit, to let you know that you are in position to grab it, and dragging shouldn't change the shape, if all goes as it should. Are you creating bezier handles while making the mask, or are they being created when you try to adjust the position of the points on the finished mask?
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    We are looking into improving the masking, and the problem of points changing to curved points when you don't want them to. 1.1 has made some good optimizations to masking and it's something we'll continue to improve. The new Layer panel makes masking much, much nicer, for a start.
  • When I try to change the positions of the points it’s very difficult for me to snag one with out one of the Bezier sticks getting in the way and its very time consuming when you have to click linear on about 80 points. I’ve also had issues when I’m masking something and I find out that I need more points after I add those points they don’t follow the rest of the mask. There probably isn’t a way to avoid these problems but you should at least know of them.
    Cant wait for Hitfilm 1.1, Kahveh.