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Thanks for the space scene tutorial guys..HitFilm ROCKS.
This is my attempt, made quite a few mistakes in the process but will try and make up for it in the next one.



  • Laticis
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    Created after watching the HitFilm Tutorial. ( Second Attempt )
    Not at all happy with the space ship flight path. ( Something to work on )
    Software used: HitFilm 1 / Photoshop Elements 9 / Filtre Forge 2 / Carrara 8
  • RossTrowbridge
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    maybe have your ship moving a little faster. If you added just a hint of z-axis rotation (or y-axis, depending on your 3D software) to match the star rotation, that would tie the ship to the background better.
    It is a very nice effort. I liked the flashes.
  • OrangePekoe
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    I enjoyed this scene and agree with rtrowbridge that the ship was moving a bit too fast.
    It would kind of be neat to see that light purple 'cloud' being effected by the ship as it moves forward as if it was moving through a fog though I'm not sure if that would happen in space. Perhaps darken the ship a bit too. Otherwise I really loved the entry of the ship into this scene! Keep up the good work :D
  • Laticis
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    Thanks for the comments and advice.
    Will see what I can do about improving this concept.
    I really enjoy using HitFilm, they have done a great job with the software.
  • DanielMorgan
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    The ship looks a bit blurry. Maybe making it interact with the environment, having a shine from the star reflect on the ship. Possibly adding a pinkish hue to the ship.
  • Laticis
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    The ship looks a bit blurry. Maybe making it interact with the environment, having a shine from the star reflect on the ship. Possibly adding a pinkish hue to the ship.
    Yeah that was a poor attempt at a depth of field effect...FAIL.
    "Possibly adding a pinkish hue to the ship." I actually added blue in the orginal render...BAD CHOICE.
    Now on a mission to get this concept right.
  • Laticis
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    OK...attempt number three.
  • DanielGWood
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    Really cool stuff Laticis, we've enjoyed watching this one develop.
    (And as I'm sure you noticed, we tweeted/facebooked out links to the video)
  • Laticis
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    Hi Daniel,
    Thanks, I got side tracked on some other projects but will be coming back to this one soon.
    Aiming for something a little longer.
    Also thanks for the tweets and facebook links, but sorry to say I missed them. I did notice the link on your front page though.
    I'm loving HitFilm, your release of this software was such perfect timing.
    Cheers Laticis
    P.S. HitFilm ROCKS :)
  • Laticis
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    Okay stage two....Planets...another concept test.
    Had some troubles in HitFilm working out how to rotate the background star plane to suit the camera rotation around the planet and there are some other things I'm not happy with. WIP...

  • Liked you attempt number three on the spacevid, that was very cool! :)
  • Laticis
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    Time permitting....will be working on new and improved version tonight...espically with the new 1.1 update.
  • Laticis
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    I should have been in bed hours ago...but one word... ADDICTED....Nice updated to HitFilm...weekend very close.
    Okay Planet Scene round two.
    The first clip is the original Lightwave 11 Sequenced PNG Render 2400 Frames. Size: 1280 x 720 Render Time: 2hrs
    The second clip...another 2 hours of just plain fun.

  • SimonKJones
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    Very cool! So when are you going to make your epic space opera with a big spaceship battle? :P
  • Laticis
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    My two best mates moto ( they are brothers ) baby steps....always take baby steps.
    I'm going to throw that to the way side this time round...draft space opera by:
    Well I've put my foot in it now, lets see if I can live up to it. :)
    Nothing like putting yourself into a challenge.
    First things first...round three of the planet concept.
  • Ady
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    It's very cool to watch something evolve like this, and great to see you enjoying the software.
    I hope to see more from you in the future. :D
  • Laticis
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    Hi Ady,
    Thanks...not only, I feel at right at home with it, everything else will be fun, experimentation, time and learning...great software and great tutorials.
    Oh you did it too me again, just got email notification Ady has sent you a message and for a moment I thought the thread subscription thing had lost it's marbles.
    Why is it sending my own post back at me.....took a moment for me to click on. @-)
    Cheers Laticis (Ady)
  • Laticis
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    New Lightwave Scene hasn't even got to the good part yet and I am looking at a 24 hour render....
    Lets hope its worth it. @-)
    I wish it would make up its mind 36 / 45 hours now... :(
    Pending render frame tomorrow, it may get stopped.
  • really good job dude !! ! :D
  • Laticis
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    Thanks for the comments guys :)
    Well as expected I cancelled the render and lucky I did as it would have been wasted, there where some flaws in my dynamics. Overall about 4500 frames rendered, probably used about half.
    Have I mentioned HitFilm ROCKS ;)
    Reverse order this time. 1 Finished result a Comp of a Comp / 2nd the original composition / 3rd is the orginal sequence of PNG's minus a few frames and sped up in hitfilm so not to bore you.
    The dynamic animation in Lightwave 11 was rendered at 300 frames per sec, this allows for a slow motion effect.
    Hope you like....
    Next will be modelling of the Space Craft for the opera, will post images here. Already have a concept in mind for the bad guys, wont be getting to carried away with the modelling though.

  • Laticis
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    I've done some small tests today and a mini Space Opera is doable in a month.
    I'm pretty serious about pushing this one out.
    Stage 1: Modelling
    The first spaceship: the Septuna
  • Wow! Your videos are just getting better and better everytime i log on! I remember a couple of weeks ago when you posted your first space scene in this thread and i was blown away by how cool it looked! At each stage you've updated this post things just seem to get more epic! By the end of the month we'll probably have this huge star wars space battle :D I'm really excited about how this is going to turn out and i thank you for sharing each step with us- even the updates on rendering times are an interesting insight! Thanks and keep it up!
  • Laticis
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    Hi Sam,
    Thanks for the interest and feedback.
    I dont normally have large projects on the go, I tend to always test this and that,
    never producing anything substantial.
    This month challenge will be an interesting journey, will share as many steps as possible.
    Cheers Laticis
  • Laticis
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    Presenting the first public flight of the Septuna.

    Spent a few hours trying to get my head around key frame animation in Lightwave.
    Some earlier test went well, but the further I explored the worse it got.
    Coming to grips with some of it....long way to go yet.
    May have to invest in a particular plugin for Lightwave: StarPro.
    I have sent them an email to see if their plugin works in HitFilm or at least the potential as it does work in AE (stated on their website).
    How will this work with Alpha Channel ?
    It should be worth it if the movement of the camera and ships move correctly with the stars, very hard to calculate with a 2D plane.
    next instalment soon: The Beacon
    Cheers Laticis
  • StormyKnight
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    Hey Laticis,
    Great job on the planet explosion- especially the latest version. How about adding some space dust (particles) of varying sizes to 'fill' it in a little more? Just a thought.
    I like the space ship vids too. I find the different stages quite interesting. Thanks for sharing!
  • Laticis
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    Hi StormyKnight,
    I do have plans to revisit the Exploding Planet but that may not be until the new year.
    Maybe sooner time permiting.
    Have already gone through a few improvements in my head(technique), dust particles and molten liquid of some sort will certainly be involved. The most important part will be designing the planet breaking structure and focus on an improved explosion.
    Will get the Space Opera done first, which I am really enjoying as a direction.
    Cheers Laticis
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    Non of the videos r loading for me, can u only watch them on pc?
  • Laticis
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    Hi Froi,
    I wouldnt think so, they are uploaded to you tube in an MP4 Format.
  • Laticis
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    Here is the second flight of the Septuna. I am getting a better feeling for the key frame animating in Lightwave although the background I have created in HitFilm is not doing this ships movement through space any justice.
    This is about to be fixed with 1 x Plug In: StarPro
    Let's see what Flight Test 3 brings about.
    Having troubles working out what material to use on the ship as well.