Short film based on Limbo video game

I posted this at the fxhome forums, and this is not a project that I'm in any way involved in, but I thought some who don't read the other forum might enjoy this.
I'm a big fan of the downloadable game, Limbo. It has been one of the best PSN downloads that I've purchased.
Apparently there are a couple of guys who are working on making a short film based on Limbo, and it looks pretty good. There's a link to some initial footage (and the guys also happen to be asking for help with funding), but I have to say that they've really done a great job with re-creating the look of the game.


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    Limbo is fantastic and one of my favourite games of the year, despite being incredibly mean-spirited. :)
    This is a cool fanfilm project, though I would question why they need crowdsourced funding like this when most fanfilms just go ahead and get on with it. I'm also curious as to whether there are any muddy legal waters for sourcing funding for a film based on something you don't have the rights to adapt - not saying there are, but it's a curious one.
    I'm not 100% convinced that a film version of Limbo has much purpose, either. The style suits the game absolutely perfectly, but the platformer perspective and presentation has been part of gaming narrative for decades. There's a reason movies aren't made in side-on 2D perspective, though. Part of Limbo's success is its interactivity, as well - the constant pushing towards the right of the screen, tentatively moving one step at a time and expecting a trap at any moment. I'm not sure a film would have that same sense of personal danger.
  • Yeah, I'm not sure how well a film version of Limbo would work, but I was impressed with the way they were able to mimic the visual style.
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    I had the same concerns that you had, Tarn. I'm a huge fan of Limbo, but I don't think a film version is necessary, and I especially don't think a Kickstarter page for it is necessary. They showed their test clips, proving that they already have everything they need to make the film, so I'm not really sure why they need $3000 for it, except to say, "Yeah we have a budget. :smug:"
    Frankly, I'm getting a little tired of every single indie filmmaker using Kickstarter to gain interest and funding for their film. It seems that people focus more on that than they do on actually making films. It's an exciting time for the indies, but at the same time, with people trying to make everything GO VIRAL (thanks, media) and get "the community" involved, it's kind of annoying. Le sigh.
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    Yeah, of all fanfilms, it seems to me that Limbo should be very cheap to make - with the exception of time, of course. Unless they have fancy plans to move away from the style of the game, really all you need is a greenscreen and some good CG artists and you're good to go.
    Maybe they're planning to not work for a few months while they make it? In which case, again, it seems a little odd to be making money off a property you don't have the rights to - even if that money isn't 'profit', and is simply a living wage.
    What I'd like to have seen is something genuinely inspired by Limbo, not trying to BE Limbo. That could be very cool.
    Best of luck to them, though. :)
  • Just to be fair, they did say in the video that their film is an homage to Limbo, and is about a girl who washes up on a mysterious island and discovers the perils of the island.
    Also, the joystiq article does state "The Tide is a short-film project inspired by and created in the same art style as Limbo," so they aren't outright claiming it to actually be a film version of Limbo.
    Now, having said that, it does seem that they've essentially taken Limbo and made the main character a girl and added a description of "mysterious island" to the setting.
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    I like the idea of the film, and it must be a very long, time consuming process!
    Good luck
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