Loving the community

I just was thinking that it’s been about three months since Hitfilm has been released and a lot has happened since then.
So please share your thoughts about this community of film makers. One thing I’m enjoying is the almost instant feedback. :P :D


  • Nuwanda
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    Can totaly agree with you !
    I join the FXHome-Community in the end of 2009 using VisionLab. Being a 100% beginner in filming I was taken by the hand carefully by the community. While changing to HitFilm Ultimate I discovered the same good old feeling - it's like "coming home" each time I log into the Hitfilm Forum & Portal.
    So from my side a big thank you to all community members and the Hitfilm Team as well ! I am glad being a part of this all !
  • Couldn't agree more with both of you- this is a really unique community unlike any other on the web- and it's only going to get better when everyone has found their feet with the new software and start to share their experiments, shorts and films! I feel the same way Nuwanda- there's a really great feeling when you log into or type in the address for Fxhome/Hitfilm- you don't find it very often on the internet any more-but you do here :D
  • SimonKJones
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    Thanks guys! It means a lot to us, it really does. We're thrilled that the HF community has already established itself as such as a warm, friendly and considerate place. It's still early days for both the community and software, of course, but knowing that we have you guys as the foundation is very reassuring indeed.
    The main thing now is to spread the word about HitFilm. 1.1 should really help with this - the update is pretty stunning and I think you'll all be really excited when it is released.
  • Another thing I think that is special is the fact that the community is from all over the world. I’m from the USA by the way.I am really excited about Hitfilm 1.1. :))

  • TheRealJayWalker
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    I'd agree with all of the above. I used to go on a lot of guitar forums which I found to be places of constant snide remarks and oneupmanship. Coming over firstly to fxhome.com's forum as an old Visionlab user I found it a total change of atmosphere.
    It's great that newbies (like myself) can pose questions and replies without getting slapped down by more experienced users, and if you have something to show you get feedback which is both constructive and praised which makes you want to learn more.
    Awesome place this is (sorry went a little Yoda there)
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