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I started using HitFilm to make music videos for some of my oringal compositions.
Thumbing through my stuff I found I have a ton of songs that I will never do anything with.
Here are links to 4 songs, no vocals, if someone on here needs some music and can use these.
Free for non-commercial use. May be used in part or whole.
I only ask that you cite me and of course I would like to see your finished project.
If for commercial use please contact me.
These are big WAV files. Can/will post or send other formats on request. You should be able to stream and download from the links below.
http://db.tt/tD2hbUP7 Crytosporidium.wav - classical guitar and synth
http://db.tt/CAmovf16 Hum.wav - strings, horns, guitar to hip-hop beat.
http://db.tt/0CDGzVWf Project1.wav - melodic synth & guitar
http://db.tt/TeR0DsoY Ride.wav - country rock



  • Robin
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    Nice, might use some of these.
  • duffman
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    If you wanted them I hope you got them.
    I will be removing them in the next day or so.
    If you need original music/scoring, please feel free to contact me.
    I am not looking for compensation only to be cited/credited.
    If I dont have time, I will gladly put you in contact with other composers/songwriters who would be happy work with you.
  • Robin
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    Yup, got them, thanks! :)
    I'm currently working on something I'll eventually need a soundtrack for, but I'll contact you again when I'm at the point to think about that. ;)