Some things I noted while watching KHIGHTFALL was.
1 the fight between Batman and that criminal was very bloody and I honestly don’t think every punch should be spraying blood. I’ve seen people get punched in real life before and there was very little blood :-? . I also understand that the guy that Batman was beating up may have had his nose broken but even than it was and awful lot of blood. :huh:

2 Vfx where great (obviously because anything made in Hitfilm with some skill involved looks great). The rain is my only problem it should have been falling faster. Also was the film shot with the idea that it was going to be raining?
3 The villains didn’t fit the feel of the film they should have been much nastier. Where they supposed to be humorous? Because they where. @-)

I also want to add that this is intended to be constructive criticism and nothing more than that.
Kahveh. B-)
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