Harry Potter Help

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Hey. So, I took Axel's advice, and went to post this on the FxHome forums, but still no response from anybody.. So since this sectoin IS to talk about anything (within politically correct bounderies of course) I don't think anyone will mind me posting this here.
Again, I am using Visionlab Studios still. *sigh*
Yeah, so anyway, I need a bit of help achieving the effect where the people in Harry Potter are just shooting random jinxes at eachother, like this:

The part where one's wand flashes, then the other wizard (the one blocking) gets kind of a plasma liquid smoke cloud thing. I had sort of thought about just adding a small blur and a displacement map to a bamf, but I think that effect could be done a whole lot better. (Note, that i need help with the blocking, not the shooting.) Any help is very appreciated.


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